The Revolutionary "Magnetic Closure System"

The Adaptive Life Co. spent 3 years developing a revolutionary "magnetic closure system" to be used in all types of clothing garments and accessories. And we're so happy all the design and hard work has paid off!

We received United States Patent no. 10448687, for the breakthrough ALC "Magnetic Closure System."

It's a win-win for everybody.


Our patented product is referred to as a “magnetic closure system" for any type of clothing garment or accessory. It’s the design of hidden magnetic buttons, which can be pre-assembled and sewn into an existing product line of shirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, jeans, dresses, shorts, hoodies, blouses, swimsuits, blazers, shoes, gym clothes, winter gloves.. even backpacks and purses! This magnetic "adaptive" clothing notion, replaces the dependency on buttons, zippers, laces, and ties. Perfect for the hundreds of millions of kids and adults worldwide living with physical disability, dexterity, or eyesight challenge. We've alleviated the exertion on fingers, wrists, hands, and eyesight strain, put upon people trying to close-up buttons, zippers, laces, and ties. We're giving people a level of personal independence, happiness, and confidence in their dressing.


We have solved the frustrating button, zipper, lace, and tie hardship for people with disabilities, poor eyesight, and lack of dexterity who're unable to use this type of closure on shirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, jeans, dresses, shorts, hoodies, blouses, swimsuits, blazers, shoes, gym clothes, winter gloves.. even backpacks and purses! etc. The list for this patented use is endless.

The best part is that our solution is “invisible.” No one sees the magnetic closures and the garments are still adorned with the expected buttons, zippers, ties, etc. - only the user will know that underneath and hidden away are magnets, which are making their lives so much easier. Therefore, the clothing brand doesn't need to alter their designs or aesthetic - and the kids and adults will still be able to wear the latest and most loved trends.


Just because we have a temporary or a permanent disability, which hinders dexterity, we still like to look stylish and express ourselves through our personal clothing style. But choices are limited due to the closures. Clothing can be incredibly hard to get on and off even for people who don't have the same physical challenges as we do. Sometimes it's impossible for us to get clothing on and off. We need help. Getting dressed by yourself is something most people take for granted. But for millions of other people, we rely on the care of others for this intimate help. When faced with a physical disability, whether you were born with one or it strikes suddenly, you naturally want to retain as much independence as possible. Often times there's no one around to help. With this patented solution, we're giving back confidence, self esteem and independence. It's a physical solution that makes everyone feel good and it works!


No one will know that hidden discretely inside the fabric folds of the garments are easy to open and close strong magnets. Each magnet has an A side and a B side, as expected. The magnets are encased in safe, bendable PVC plastic so they can be stitched, washed, dried, and always stay firmly in place. Line up each magnet underneath a plastic button and hole, or along the length of a zipper, for example.  Once sewn into the fabric, the finished garment simply has to fold A over B - automatically lining up and magnetizing the A side to the B side. It's that easy and discreet. The button and zipper notions atop become "faux use" or "decorative" but it keeps within the clothing brand’s expected aesthetic, which is the benefit of our hidden solution. 


Our thoughtful and unique design, can use magnets of any shape and size. The magnets are encased inside bendable PVC plastic so you can stitch around the edges keeping the magnet firmly and safely in place. The economical construction allows for the magnets to be pre-sewn along strips of fabric, measured and laid out ahead of time. So the manufacturing team has an A side and a B side magnet, ready for assembly, to be attached to the rest of the garment. Because the patent includes this stand-alone step, it saves on fabric, saves on time, saves on labor, and is super easy to adapt into existing clothing designs. For big brands like Nike, Roots, Lululemon, etc. this purposeful design can be easy to implement.


A global census reveals there are hundreds of millions of people all across the planet with disabilities who could benefit from "adaptive" magnetic closures on garments. These kids and adults may have cerebral palsy, arthritis, stroke, multiple sclerosis, amputation, Parkinson’s Disease, blindness, temporary or permanent injury, Down Syndrome, military accidents, Symbrachydactyly, seizures, cancer, dementia, and broken bones. The list goes on.

Until now, many people couldn't purchase certain types of garments because they cannot open or close the buttons, zippers, ties or laces closures. Many people cut up their clothing to add cheap and painful Velcro, which no one inherently likes, and looks terrible. This leaves many people feeling left out, unable to make the same aesthetic and brand name choices as their friends do, at a time when they are most in need of trying to fit in. Many kids don't participate in school activities if they have to change clothes because they can't dressed by themselves. Many adults can't get their work clothes on by themselves simply due to the fundamental problem of buttons and zippers. It's a matter of giving people their independence and helping them to live fuller lives.


While we've created a "tangible" solution to the age old button, we don't discount the "intangible" aspects of what we've created. Those good vibes, good feelings, big smiles, and sighs of relief. The incredible stories people share with us daily about their challenges and how our product is "literally and absolutely changing their lives".

“Clothing with a Conscious.” It can't get any better than that.


We've been very incredibly fortunate to be connected and supported by various charities, leading hospitals, celebrities, musicians, artists, and sports teams in order to bring this patented product to life. We love getting messages of love, encouragement and participating in this community. There is such a strong desire and need for adaptive clothing and your voice has propelled us forward. 

Special thanks go out to people involved in the March of Dimes, Lucky Fin Project, Shriners Hospital for Children, The Reeve Foundation, Life Rolls On, Craig Hospital, Porter Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Adaptive Vail, Paralympics, Special Olympics, Adaptive Sports, Invictus Games, Wounded Warrior Project, Third Eye Blind, Zoic Studios, An Dang Project, Master Cinematographers, and the Adventure Amputee Camp just to name a few organizations.

There are thousands of people around the world who've sent kind-hearted messages in hopes that our patent will find a good home in the hands of big name brands to carry our work forward. We appreciate you so much.


As we know from personal experience, it takes just one global, socially conscious company, to disrupt an industry and make a change for the better. To create a life altering product for literally hundreds of millions of people, representing a globally, under-served community.

Together we can make this difference.


Kristen Branan, Founder