who we are

Adaptive Life Company is a totally unique brand for kids by kids. Together we aim to share our original clothing products, experiences of empowerment, stories of inclusion, and unique achievements from around the world. Our common bond is that we support and encourage our friends and loved ones living with a physical disability. Whether it's our spouses, children, or each other, we are all uniquely inspired to overcome challenges everyday with a can-do "Adaptive Warrior"attitude. And we're reminded every day that each moment is another opportunity to do better and be stronger.
- Kristen Branan, FOUNDER
Our story begins from a place of personal experience as a family who has "adapted" and thrived with physical challenges inside our household. And over the years we've connected with other amazing kids and adults both locally and across the globe who share our same desire to be a stronger collective voice for people with disabilities. ALC’s motto “align. adapt. achieve.” looks to make the world a friendlier more inclusive place. This begins by sharing personal stories and goals; and continues by creating original products designed specifically for our greater challenges. We love fashion, sports, technology, socializing, and entertainment: all from our distinctive point of view. We look to one another for resources that empower us with knowledge, ideas, and inspiring conversation. We celebrate heroes who remind us that even though we live with a physical challenge, we live life to its fullest potential, and strive to be the very best versions of ourselves.
ALC is powered by ALL those can-do, adventurous, Adaptive Warriors worldwide! Join our mission to inspire - by following our Instagram and Facebook page, by posting your stories and comments, and be a voice to help make the world a better, kinder, more inclusive place - do it for all the kids, families, friends, and for each & every one of us. Because inclusion matters. A lot.